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LURH Movement

The LURH Wristband

The Love You Real Hard (LURH) bracelet was designed with one mission, L.O.V.E. (LIMITLESS, OVERWHELMING, VULNERABLE, EMOTIONS) shared between the human race. What a difference we all can contribute to mankind! Do you have the ability to envision a world where the innocence of our youth, the enthusiasm and energy of young adults, and the wisdom of the more mature in age, combined to create a world that is healthy and vibrant for us all to exist? I challenge you to become a part of the LURH movement!



Make a difference by honoring someone that has loved you during your most darkest moments in life with a "Love You Real Hard" bracelet. Or, purchase one for yourself to be reminded that you are a survivor of unhealthy love. Whatever choice you decide, one by one, let's all promise to love each other in the midst of pain and hardship, and pray for each other until Light returns. It is these moments, life takes on real purpose. The byproduct, change in our families, our communities, our schools, our places of worship, our workplaces, our government, our nation, the world and most importantly the human race! Choose today, Destiny Awaits You! Remain focus, true and committed, especially on the days when the stars don't appear as bright. Reminisce on the fact that all of us at Love You Real Hard Inc. love you real hard!

*A portion of the annual sales of the LURH Wristbands supports the "Cure for Cancer."