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One person can make a difference and that one person can be you!!!

Where do I begin to express how "Love You Real Hard" has blessed me. My lil sister Lisa is an Angel. That's what I call her all the time. This young lady has touched my life tremendously, even in ways I'm sure she didn't even know. You see I'm a breast cancer survivor an through her love, compassion, sensitivity, and Friday voice notes she has inspired me to get out of my bed on days I didn't have the strength to bulge. 'Love' is an intense feeling of deep affection on one's behalf. 'Love' is also a sacrifice. No greater love than when Jesus gave his life for each of us. Through Lisa's sacrifice of time, resources, and love she has cooked gourment meals for my family every Sunday since my diagnosis. Not missing a beat. Even when she went on vacation, she left money for the next Sunday. Always writing me a personal letter each week to encourage me and inform me of what "our daddy' said" :). After my chemotherapy was complete I stated to her she didn't have to continue to fix meals because I should be back on my feet. Well for anyone that knows Lisa and her feisty self, she said in love, "not until my assignment has been completed and my daddy tells me to stop." Now that's passion for what she has been anointed to do. Just as she is lively, determined and courageous to love others just as she loves herself. Words can not express my gratitude for all she has done. I know I did not choose this direction for my life, but God placed this great Woman of God in my life to help me endure some of the most challenging days I've ever had to face. No one can walk in your shoes or carry your cross for you, but you can have someone walk alongside you and that's what Lisa has with me during this journey. I love you real hard back my Angel!! ~Lady Yolanda Watkins

When I reflect on Lisa Storr and the "Love You Real Hard" movement, I get inspired. I come alive. I feel encouraged, enabled, and empowered. Love You Real Hard's Happy Friday Messages feeds my Mind, Spirit and Soul. Thank you Lisa! You are truly a light in my world. You inspire me to want to be better... You're my Angel. Keep doing what you're doing. You are touching so many lives.... Sisters of Esteem Salutes you my Friend. Thank you for being a vessel of the Masters use.

Dana L. Wallace
President/Founder Sisters of Esteem


When someone tells you that they love you real hard, they're not just saying that just to say it. They are saying it because they really love you. LOVE YOU REAL HARD means, you are someone special and loving you hard means loving you sincerely, not just with words. Giving a friend or family member a "LOVE YOU REAL HARD" bracelet, t-shirt, sweatshirt, etc. would bring so many smiles!!!!! I think LOVE YOU REAL HARD expresses so many feelings in just one saying. Telling someone you love them might feel like the hardest thing in the world, but it's really just a reminder. Because I love you so deeply and strong means to say why you love them so hard. Telling someone "I Love You" means something to them but telling someone "I Love you Real hard" means so much more. Kids and family especially need to hear those words, everyday because you never know when it's their time to go. So let them know you love them REAL HARD :-) Lisa Storr has impacted my life in so many ways. She has always encouraged me in life to be the best person I can be. I don't know what I would do without her. She is my Godmother and that means she was God sent. She has taken care of me like I was her own daughter. She has helped my mom and brother in so many ways. Her words of wisdom always keeps me and my family going strong. She knows how to let her friends and family know that she loves them REAL HARD. She has taught me how to LOVE HARD. Us as her family are very appreciative. Thank you for loving me REAL HARD. I LOVE YOU REAL HARD Aunt Lisa. ~Brianna Wright


Now is time for you to show your love. Let us know how your sharing love. Let the world see the love you spread.